Ways AI is Driving Web3 Innovation

AI is playing a significant role in driving innovation within the Web3 ecosystem. AI technologies, when integrated with Web3, enhance various aspects of Web3, enabling new functionalities and improving user experiences. First-generation AI is giving

Transforming Brand Fandom Through Gamification

Transforming Brand Fandom Through Gamification Web3 has seen a steady stream of brands ramping up efforts to edge a way into the traditional gaming space to build communities and brand loyalty. Companies like Epic Games and Roblox have been partnerin

Eight Takeaways for Web3

Eight Takeaways for Web3 from the 2023 D2: Retail Edition Conference – A First of Its Kind for Brands The D2: Retail Edition Conference, held June 13 in Chicago alongside the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo, was a huge success, hosting spea

New PUMA Looks Courtesy of Meta

New Puma Looks Because self-expression and representation matter in the Metaverse, Meta has introduced new body shapes and improved hair and clothing textures to customize Meta Avatars in even greater detail. They’ve partnered with several brands,
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Developing a Web3 Strategy During An Economic Downturn

The current economic downturn has had a significant impact on businesses worldwide. In challenging times such as these, it is essential for those developing a Web3 strategy to focus on the fundamentals: establishing trust, forming coalitions, and pri
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AI & Web3 – Changing Business as We Know It

AI & Web3 Web3 is helping businesses move in a new direction, to better connect with customers and engage the newest generation of teenagers and young adults, known as Gen Alpha. Born between the early 2010s and the mid-2020s, Generation Alpha is