How Gaming Is Shaping Customer Loyalty

Immersive experiences have emerged as a cornerstone in shaping customer loyalty across diverse industries. In today’s hyperconnected world, where consumers are inundated with information and choices, brands have turned to gaming which uses imme

Women In Tech: Pioneering an Inclusive & Authentic Digital Frontier

Digital platforms offer unprecedented opportunities to voice diverse perspectives, share unique stories, and cultivate creativity. Yet, in this vast landscape, it’s the audacious pioneers who truly shape the narrative. D2 recently hosted a pane

The Inspiration for Bringing “Hamilton” To Roblox

The iconic global Broadway musical, “Hamilton,” launched an experience on the largest global immersive platform, Roblox, an incredibly popular online platform that allows users to create, play, and share their own video games and virtual worlds.

How Walmart is Engaging the Community on Emerging Platforms

Walmart is building and engaging community by meeting them where they are. Whether it is in the store, online, in the app, or on emerging platforms, they are creating new experiences in unexpected ways. Justin Breton, Director of Brand Experiences &a

Tokenizing Fandom & Brandom with Web3

Social platforms used to engage fans over the last decade are changing, as is the nature of live events. So, can Web3 help drive better fan engagement? A panel of industry experts discussed how they are using Web3 to onboard, engage, and reward super