D2 Advertising Edition

The 2023 D2 X Advertising Week Web3 Beach Club Lounge held its inaugural event October 16-19 in NYC, hosting speakers from top brands like Walmart, Mattel, Snap, Inc., Diageo, AWS, Live Nation, Claire’s, the NBA, and many others to talk about Web3 takeaways. The event was a huge success, with over 1,500 unique individuals enjoying the many panel discussions, and pink themed fun. Attendees from Meta, Nars, CoinDesk, VaynerX, Pepsi, United Talent Agency, RedBull, and many others enjoyed brand stories that delved into real-world applications through case studies. Speakers offered insights into crafting brand strategies and shared how CMOs are exploring the swift evolution of Web3 technology.

D2 Retail Edition

The D2: Retail Edition Conference, held June 13 in Chicago alongside the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo, was a huge success, hosting speakers from top brands like Coach, Liquid Death, Diageo, Wow Bao, Beauty Magnet, Buxom, who provided takeaways for Web3. Attendees from Costco, Chanel, The Bouqs, Men’s Warehouse, Chicos, Nature’s Way, Pepsi, Ricoh, and more were treated to a rich array of brand stories around ways they are driving a shift in interaction with their customers. Attendees received an exclusive D2 NFT (digital collectible) that is fully on chain and many learned how to set up a wallet to claim their very first NFT.

The D2 Summit

A Web3 Conference Designed for the C-Suite

On October 18-19, 2022 we gathered in New York City for the inaugural D2 Summit: a strategic conversation on what Web3 means for business. The summit was designed specifically for C-Suite leaders to learn what they need to know now about digital assets, blockchain, NFTs, the metaverse and the evolving regulatory environment. Read the recap of the Summit.

D2 Event Partners

Do you or your business offer invaluable insight and expertise that can help C-suite leaders unlock the potential of Web3? We’re welcoming partners that want to share educational and actionable information designed for business leaders who are interested in making the shift to Web3.