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D2 is dedicated to curating Web3 education for business leaders on what they need to know now. We’ll share what brands are doing and how they’re doing it, what’s working and what’s not through in-person events, online content, and building a community of business leaders who want to know more about Web3. 

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Welcome to D2: Decentralization Deciphered, an educational platform that connects businesses with Web3 innovation, in-person events, and year-round digital content. Our active community shares news, networks, and resources to help leaders unlock the possibilities of decentralized technologies to grow their organizations and careers in a Web3 world. 


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Explore D2’s Web3 educational platform filled with curated content about what you need to know now about Web3. View content about:

  • Digital assets
  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • NFTs
  • Metaverse
  • Regulations

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Connect with an active community that shares news, networks, and resources. Learn from Web3 experts who can help you navigate new realities and opportunities. Check out our upcoming in-person events or online community.

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Embrace Web3 for your business to see how brands are embracing Web3 for business

  • Read stories of Web2 companies embracing Web3
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  • Learn how to build your Web3 strategy and roadmap
  • Read what to think about and who should be involved
  • Understand the risks and rewards of Web3

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