How Tokens & Tokenization Are Building Consumer Trust

You’ve likely travelled somewhere to find a street corner where goods are being sold, and asked yourself “Is that Gucci bag the real deal or is it a knockoff”? You’ll be pleased to know that retailers care if the items consumers are buying ar

Tokenizing Fandom & Brandom with Web3

Social platforms used to engage fans over the last decade are changing, as is the nature of live events. So, can Web3 help drive better fan engagement? A panel of industry experts discussed how they are using Web3 to onboard, engage, and reward super

How Mattel Developed a Recipe for Success with Digital Assets

Jordan Walbesser, Mattel’s Director of Legal and Business Affairs, recently joined Alan Rechtschaffen, Trustee & Chair, Digital Assets Forum at the Wilson Center at the recent D2 X Advertising Week event to spotlight the exciting intersection o
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Collectibles & Community: Reimagining Brand Loyalty

Chris Miller, Flaunt’s Co-Founder, talked with Wow Bao’s CEO, Geoff Alexander, about brand loyalty and ghost kitchens. Wow Bao, a leading Asian concept, adopted web3 by creating Digital CollectaBaos, enhancing the Bao Bucks program for al