Marketing with NFTs – What Can You Learn from Big Brands?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been shaking up the marketing world of late. Brands are embracing this new generation of assets in wholly unique and memorable ways. What are NFTs? NFTs are digital assets that cannot be duplicated but can be copied. T

Popular NFTs You’ve Never Heard of Before

Popular NFTs Howard Schultz, the Founder of Starbucks, announced its highly successful loyalty program would be coupled with an NFT. What many are calling an exceptional move – the program is called the Starbucks Odyssey – will be solely for

Sports, Entertainment and NFTs – A Powerful Combination

Sports, Entertainment, and NFTs The value of an NFT for anyone who buys one is that it is unique and verifiable on the blockchain. It cannot be reproduced. Sports, entertainment, and NFTs make a powerful combination because it’s truly one of a kind