Why a Spot Bitcoin ETF is Good News for Fortune 1000 Companies

On January 10, 2024, the SEC granted approval for spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds, or a BTC ETF, backed by Wall Street, a key regulatory step that will make it easier for ordinary investors to put money into digital currency. This marks a groundb

Delighting Customers in the Era of Web3: Merging Physical & Digital Experiences

The rapid evolution of Web3 technologies has ushered in a transformative era where the digital and physical worlds are increasingly converging. At the recent D2 X Advertising Week event, expert industry speakers joined to explore the intersection of

How the NBA is Driving Fan Loyalty with Web3

Kenzi Inman, Director of Global Event Strategy & Development at the NBA, recently joined the D2 X Advertising Week event to talk about how the NBA is leaning into Web3 technology. During the pandemic, she spent time learning about the platforms t

How Mattel Developed a Recipe for Success with Digital Assets

Jordan Walbesser, Mattel’s Director of Legal and Business Affairs, recently joined Alan Rechtschaffen, Trustee & Chair, Digital Assets Forum at the Wilson Center at the recent D2 X Advertising Week event to spotlight the exciting intersection o

Ways AI is Driving Web3 Innovation

AI is playing a significant role in driving innovation within the Web3 ecosystem. AI technologies, when integrated with Web3, enhance various aspects of Web3, enabling new functionalities and improving user experiences. First-generation AI is giving

Accepting Crypto Payments

One of the keys to accepting crypto payments is finding the right partner to fit your business’s specific needs. Crypto payments can offer ease of use for a global customer base. Accepting crypto can also allow users to sidestep costly wire transfe