Sports, Entertainment and NFTs – A Powerful Combination

TAMPA BAY, USA, JANUARY, 25. 2021: Tom Brady silhouette Super Bowl LIV, the 55th Super Bowl 2020, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. American football match, NFL Final

September 23, 2022

Sports, Entertainment, and NFTs

The value of an NFT for anyone who buys one is that it is unique and verifiable on the blockchain. It cannot be reproduced. Sports, entertainment, and NFTs make a powerful combination because it’s truly one of a kind. Consumer brands use technology in many ways, and professional sports and the entertainment industry have jumped into the game. Collectibles, like ticket stubs, have always been popular with fans, and now minted versions can be worth much more.


The NFL turned the tickets to Superbowl LVI into NFTs, which featured each attendee’s section, row, and seat, providing a digital keepsake from their Super Bowl experience. Tom Brady, the undisputed G.O.A.T. of the NFL, has partnered with his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, to release an NFT with the Brady season experience ticket. One of the specialties of the NFT ticket is that it updates with Brady’s statistics as the games occur. And it also gives fans unique access to exclusive content, digital collectibles, custom-made merchandise, and private, in-person events. This signature experience attempts to bring fans closer to the team and Tom Brady himself. With only 2,500 NFTs available at $750 each, these will be gone faster than lightning. See the trailer.

AMC Theaters

On the entertainment side, AMC Theaters, in partnership with Sony, offered more than 100 unique Spider-Man NFTs. AMC gave FREE NFTs to the first 86,000 online buyers of tickets for “Spider-Man No Way Home”. Stubs Premiere, A-List, and Investor Connect members received the offer. Because each NFT is unique, it is rare by design and more highly collectible.

Here’s why marketers are quickly catching on to the NFT enthusiasm. A digital ticket serves as the highlight reel from the game or movie attended. Season ticket holders have access to special content, often for a price. Paper ticket stubs from events of significance already sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. A minted NFT digital stub, one that is authenticated through blockchain technology and features exclusive content, could sell for north of $1 million dollars, maybe more. As the sports and entertainment industry secures the next generation of fans, NFTs coupled with the fan experience will continue to improve revenue streams generated by fan engagement.

And the best part? Special edition NFTs will attract the super fans who will display them in the Metaverse. Then, it could be shared in a sports or movie-themed setting where like-minded enthusiasts gather. Imagine the possibilities for your brand. Will your customers join in on the fun?


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