D2 X Advertising Edition – Web3 Takeaways for Brands

October 24, 2023

The D2 X Advertising Week Web3 Beach Club Lounge held its inaugural event October 16-19 in NYC, hosting speakers from top brands like Walmart, Mattel, Snap, Inc., Diageo, AWS, Live Nation, Claire’s, the NBA, and many others to talk about Web3 takeaways. The event was a huge success, with over 2,100 unique individuals enjoying the many panel discussions, and pink themed fun. Attendees from Meta, Nars, CoinDesk, VaynerX, Pepsi, United Talent Agency, RedBull, and many others enjoyed brand stories that delved into real-world applications through case studies. Speakers offered insights into crafting brand strategies and shared how CMOs are exploring the swift evolution of Web3 technology.

Daily Themes

  • Monday’s theme was “Emerging Web3 Tech Shaping Advertising” and showcased topics around blockchain for digital collectibles, how Web3 is enhancing digital marketing, advances in AR/VR technology, and how brands are experimenting with a mix of physical and digital products. Attendees were able to step into a physical “cage” with 165 cameras to receive a 360-degree digital image for use in the metaverse, and over 300 people gave it a try. A big thank you to NYCAP3D for bringing the necessary equipment to showcase this incredible technology.


  • Tuesday’s theme, “How Web3 is Changing Community, Customer Loyalty & Gamification”, helped attendees learn how brands and technology providers are approaching a new frontier of consumer engagement through community building. From fandom at concerts and sporting events, to attracting the newest audience of GenAlpha customers in the metaverse, brands shared what types of technology they’re using, and the results seen.


  • Wednesday’s theme “That’s So Web 2: What C-Suite Executives Need to Know About Web3”, brought unique experiences viewed through the lens of women working in tech, and how they are pioneering inclusive & authentic digital content with creators and technology. The audience also heard from Walmart, in a standing room only session, about how they view Web3 technology and hope to inspire a new generation using new emerging platforms. The final session gave C-suite level audience members tips through the lens of industry expert EY on how to get started with Web3, and shared several Web3 takeaways.

Key Takeaways:

  • At D2 X Advertising Week, I got a reminder of how quickly Web3 is maturing. Everyone I met understood that the key to Web3 success is in utility –for consumers, companies, and service providers. At the conference, I heard from thought leaders across the industry, discovered new innovations from best-in-class companies, and made valuable connections with my peers. Jordan Walbesser, Director, Legal & Business Affairs, Mattel
  • My biggest takeaway from the conversations I had following our panel is that people are eager to test into this new medium of virtual experiences. They see an opportunity to engage with their customers in unexpected ways & appreciate the emphasis on using a test & learn strategy as they go. Justin Breton, Brand Experiences & Strategic Partnerships, Walmart
  • When you have a good idea and you have data to back up what you’re doing, technology becomes the enabler. – Racquel Douglas, Head of Athlete Partnerships, Snap, Inc.
  • What’s really powerful about D2 is that we don’t often see organizations that care as much about the people in Web3. My experience in the lounge reminded/reaffirmed the power of co-creation with communities, the value in meaningful partnerships and collaboration across industries, and that it’s so critical to have internal buy-in so you can have the permission to try again but differently. – Ariba Jahan, Global Top 100 Women of the Future in Emerging Tech & Host and Founder, Up Next In Tech
  • It’s dangerous in the world of emerging tech, to chase the shiny object. Devin Nagy, Director of Emerging Technology & Platforms, Diageo
  • Consumers can now control better what data shows up on the Blockchain. John Liu, Head of Product, Web3 & Blockchain, AWS
  • Three things that were reinforced included the importance of “test and learn”, that success comes from authentic connections, and finally that in an attention economy, experience loyalty is next. – Simone Berry, Co-Founder, People of Crypto Lab
  • It’s critical to put the user and community first in all respects, particularly accessibility. In this attention starved world, the more friction they encounter, the faster you lose them. It’s why we think the web is becoming so popular for these kinds of gamified activations. – Jacob Loewenstein, SVP, BD & Strategy, Spatial

D2 will be sharing all the videos from the event soon with more Web3 takeaways, stay tuned for more!




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