Collectibles & Community: Reimagining Brand Loyalty


September 5, 2023

Chris Miller, Flaunt’s Co-Founder, talked with Wow Bao’s CEO, Geoff Alexander, about brand loyalty and ghost kitchens.

Wow Bao, a leading Asian concept, adopted web3 by creating Digital CollectaBaos, enhancing the Bao Bucks program for all customers. The NFT-based collectibles enhance the existing points-based Bao Bucks program and are accessible to all customers, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, Wow Bao accepts online orders and collaborates with delivery services like UberEATS, Door Dash, and Grubhub. However, since there is no community in the straight delivery service of its food, Wow Bao launched a rewards program for direct website orders. This allows customers to earn cash rewards by the 5th order.

Wow Bao has always been a pioneer in enhancing the dining experience with technology, forging a path for today’s innovations to become mainstream,” said Geoff Alexander, President & CEO of Wow Bao. “By creating a digital collectible club, Wow Bao is leveling up the everyday loyalty program, and welcoming all diners to the future.”

Furthermore, the use of Web3 technology allows Wow Bao to collect data about customer behavior. They were approached about bringing NFTs onboard as they were known to be early adopters of technology. The first minting, known as the “first course,” granted access to Wow Bao’s cheeky yet chic Hot Buns Club. The most loyal restaurant guests who join the membership program receive perks like communicating directly with the chef.

Chris: What exactly does loyalty mean in the restaurant construct? What are the tangible measures? What problems does Web3 solve?

Geoff: Loyalty equals trust. You build trust by meeting and exceeding expectations by making promises and delivering on them. Loyalty helps your community recommend you and grow and evolve with you to expand the brand.

Chris: How important is advocacy in the loyalty equation?

Advocacy and community building are all part of Web3. Advocacy can help in many ways, even at the micro level. One example is because Wow Bao knows through their data collection efforts with NFTs what customers are doing, they can drive local action in a small market/city when there is a limited promotion taking place.

What was the most important step for Wow Bao when launching the loyalty program, especially one that includes new and confusing technologies?

It’s about partnerships. While Wow Bao has chosen Devour as its web3 ordering partner, Wow Bao is also partnering with Flaunt to both mint its Digital CollectaBaos and to integrate the program with its existing Bao Bucks Rewards program that is powered by Paytronix.

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