Transforming Brand Fandom Through Gamification

Transforming Brand Fandom Through Gamification Web3 has seen a steady stream of brands ramping up efforts to edge a way into the traditional gaming space to build communities and brand loyalty. Companies like Epic Games and Roblox have been partnerin
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Welcome to the Metaverse

On average, 52 million users use Roblox daily. 50% of those users are over the age of 13. The platforms on the metaverse all have a parallel digital reality component and are highly social. For brands looking to have a presence in the metaverse, Rob

The D2 Summit – Where Web2 Meets Web3

The D2 Summit D2 stands for Decentralization Deciphered. The purpose of the D2 brand, and the live event known as the D2 Summit, is to be the bridge between Web2 companies and Web3 possibilities. Its primary focus is to build a community for C-Suite
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The Race Towards the Metaverse

Web 3 is one of many possible paths for future technological advancement. Through the race towards the metaverse, we’ll see more advanced ways for users to interact with content online. These include voice recognition and artificial intelligence al

As Gen Z Gains Spending Power, Luxury Brands Go Big with Digital

Once reserved for an ultra-affluent clientele with disposable income to spend on shopping trips in the world’s most fashionable cities, the luxury category is undergoing a significant transformation. As younger consumers gain greater spending power