Paving the Way for Brands to Adopt the Metaverse Experience


September 6, 2023

Sidi Drissi, Brand President, bareMinerals and Buxom and AJ Dalal, Senior Managing Director, Data & Metaverse Strategy, Publicis Sapient joined the D2 X Retail Edition Conference in June, 2023 to talk about Buxom’s Metaverse experience, called the Buxom PlumpVerse.

What is the Metaverse?

It’s an online virtual world that uses next gen tech like Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality and allows us to interact with other users virtual and deepen connections. With endless spaces to work, stay and play, and evolve how we buy and sell by creating the next gen of products/services transforming how we experience the world. It means different things to different people but it’s changing everything.

As the internet evolved from Web 1, to Web2, and now to Web3, technology advanced to solve problems, and a new generation of people has entered the marketplace. GenZ is a full generation away from typical cloud service providers that Web 2 users know, and they want to create a generation of technologies and capabilities that is their own. Web3 drives innovation, ownership, and disruption. The value for this new generation is that allows for the adoption of AR/VR technology. It also drives profile interoperability and helps simplify the process for developing an online social presence.

The Metaverse is the next gen of connected experiences, introducing new ways for people to digitally engage in more immersive ways than today’s web. It’s estimated the marketplace is over $800B. The content and services within the metaverse span 3 areas.  First, AI allows for faster content processing. Secondly, Decentralized Identity (DID) is the passport to Web3. It gives individuals control over their personal information in place of relying on big tech. Combined with Zero Knowledge Proof, it reduces privacy breaches, fraud & many other common issues associated with Web2 technology. And thirdly, it is reinventing loyalty by providing new disruptive opportunities that brands globally are testing.

Strategy and the Buxom Experience

Driving loyalty is the focus for Buxom and gaming is one strategy – gaming has boomed over the last few years. For the younger generation is a fantastic opportunity to connect and socialize on a global scale. It is a $100B industry and is Gen Zs number one source of entertainment. And, because it has media attention, it is a way of getting better brand visibility. Buxum is all about an amplified experience, pleasure, and celebration. Their Metaverse space delivers a place where customers can engage through music, trying gamified experiences, and collecting a POAP (proof of attendance, a collectible token) for the brand. Customers can “try on” various products, and scan a QR code to share with friends. Once all games are completed, the consumer is crowned the queen. Buxom’s Metaverse experience offers GenZ target audience:

  • The Pink Carpet Treatment – the customer is on “The List” to the BIGGEST. BOLDEST. SEXIEST. Club in the Metaverse
  • DJ Babe where the consumer can create a vibe and be the DJ with a changeable playlist
  • Exclusive POAPs that are limited and coveted POAPs that lead to a grand prize
  • Tiara Feature – Every babe should feel like royalty, complete the tasks and get crowned

The goal of this entire experience is to:

  • Amplify the brand Values of celebration, fun, and unapologetically living your best life in the digital world.
  • Create awareness and excitement and build a new consumer base.
  • Attract Gen Z and Alpha to gain loyalty through edutainment and gamification with monthly activations

Advice to Brands for Metaverse Experiences

What did they learn? Buxom’s takeaways include:

  1. Don’t mistake your target audience
  2. Ask what value you are giving your audience
  3. Be authentic & specific
  4. Embrace an evolving roadmap

To watch the entire video, click here:

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