Welcome to the Metaverse

January 25, 2023

On average, 52 million users use Roblox daily. 50% of those users are over the age of 13. The platforms on the metaverse all have a parallel digital reality component and are highly social. For brands looking to have a presence in the metaverse, Roblox is a popular platform to use. Josh Neuman describes how his company helped brands and organizations engage their customers online.

Welcome to the Metaverse

Want to know how some of the biggest brands are inhabiting the metaverse? Check out the D2 presentation of Josh Neuman, co-founder and co-CEO of Melon, a gaming development studio focused on Web3. Neuman says he would describe the metaverse as “a collection of platforms that really aren’t connected at the moment. It’s sort of a hope and a dream that all these worlds will be. But right now? They’re really independent platforms more or less. They aren’t inter-operatable.” He says that the similarities the platforms on the metaverse all share are a component of a parallel digital reality, a toolbox to create that reality, and a social aspect.

Neuman took the audience on a tour of Roblox, a platform that he says is dominating the metaverse audience with 52 million daily average users—50% of which are older than 13 years old. Neuman’s company has been assisting the fast-casual restaurant chain Chipotle develop a presence on the platform. They did three different events with the brand over a period of 18 months.

The platform can also be an effective tool for cause-related projects. Melon was approached by the family of Joaquin Oliver, a student murdered during the Parkland High School shooting. They introduced Joaquin to users, held an online memorial/birthday block party and raised awareness of gun safety.

To hear more about Melon’s project case studies and how your company can utilize the platform for revenue generation, awareness or continual engagement check out the presentation here.




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