The Metaverse – Disney Style

Disney's MagicBands

September 27, 2022



Do you find yourself asking, “what is the Metaverse?”. If so, you aren’t alone, the answer is not as straightforward as we’d like. The Metaverse means different things to different people. Essentially, it’s the convergence of the physical and digital world. According to Cathy Hackl, the world’s first Chief Metaverse Officer who is a Web3 expert and tech futurist, “it is about virtual shared experiences that happen both in virtual spaces and in the physical worlds.” She added, “It is enabled by many different technologies like AR, VR, edge computing, Blockchain, cloud computing, AI, and others.”

The Walt Disney Company is known for making movies and television, theme parks, and more into the most magical experiences. Enter the Metaverse at Disney’s theme parks. The latest endeavor is the wearable device called the MagicBand+. It features LED synchronization with theme park evening shows like the World of Color and Fantasmic. Additionally, you as a guest can enjoy interactive games inside theme parks where bounties can be collected and viewed in the app, through an AR thermal viewer.

Disney knows its target audience well – Millennials and GenZ – both love technology, and most have never known anything but smart technology. Gen Zers in particular, are “technoholics” and immerse themselves in everything from video games and virtual spaces to technology integrated into everything they touch like clothing and cars. They dwell in the world of instant gratification where experiences exist at every corner. So, Combining Disney with the Metaverse seems like a simple win-win – storytelling, experiential activities, and the magic of Disney – what more could Gen Z ask for?

Guests can buy a new Magicband+ for $34.99. Welcome to Disney’s latest version of the Metaverse.

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