As Gen Z Gains Spending Power, Luxury Brands Go Big with Digital

Once reserved for an ultra-affluent clientele with disposable income to spend on shopping trips in the world’s most fashionable cities, the luxury category is undergoing a significant transformation. As younger consumers gain greater spending power

Beyond the Transaction: How PayPal is Helping Remove Friction Across the Commerce Experience

Removing Friction During the Transaction PayPal has come a long way from the days when it was known primarily as the way to pay on eBay. Since spinning off from eBay and going public for a second time in 2015, PayPal has expanded its reach well beyon

Bloomingdale’s Kicks off 150th Year with Virtual Store, Anniversary Exclusives and Events

Bloomingdale’s and the Virtual Store Bloomingdale’s has debuted a lineup of designer collaborations, events and digital activations, including a virtual store, to celebrate its 150th anniversary. A 150th Anniversary Collection of exclusive li

The Metaverse – Disney Style

WRITTEN BY LAURIE LEHMANN   Do you find yourself asking, “what is the Metaverse?”. If so, you aren’t alone, the answer is not as straightforward as we’d like. The Metaverse means different things to different people. Essentially, it

Sports, Entertainment and NFTs – A Powerful Combination

Sports, Entertainment, and NFTs The value of an NFT for anyone who buys one is that it is unique and verifiable on the blockchain. It cannot be reproduced. Sports, entertainment, and NFTs make a powerful combination because it’s truly one of a kind