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C-Suite Conversations You Should Be Having

Any brand can tap into Web3. Conversely, every business and industry has the potential to be disrupted by the metaverse. To get a grasp of the metaverse, start with the foundational principles. New to the metaverse? Join the club. Megan Effertz with

Building Your Web3 Roadmap

Getting Started Strategies for the C-Suite The journey into Web3 is undoubtedly something you’ve likely never expected to take. There is a lot to learn and synthesize as the fundamental principles are a transformational shift from Web2. Building a

How Do You Get a Crypto Wallet?

So, how do you get a wallet for Crypto & NFTS? The term ‘wallet’ is somewhat of a misnomer as crypto wallets don’t store cryptocurrency in the same way physical wallets hold cash. Instead, they read the public ledger to show you the balance

The D2 Summit – Where Web2 Meets Web3

The D2 Summit D2 stands for Decentralization Deciphered. The purpose of the D2 brand, and the live event known as the D2 Summit, is to be the bridge between Web2 companies and Web3 possibilities. Its primary focus is to build a community for C-Suite