AI & Web3 – Changing Business as We Know It

April 4, 2023

AI & Web3

Web3 is helping businesses move in a new direction, to better connect with customers and engage the newest generation of teenagers and young adults, known as Gen Alpha. Born between the early 2010s and the mid-2020s, Generation Alpha is the first to be born entirely in the 21st century and are children of Millennials. Electronic technology has dominated their education, entertainment, and social activities. Web3 and AI together are changing how the youngest of generations creates community.

Customer engagement and experience are forefronts for Brands and Fortune 1000 companies, and Web3 technologies like the Metaverse and NFTs have dominated conversations, especially for the youngest generation, until recently. Artificial intelligence (AI) has erupted, with products like ChatGPT that automate many manual tasks. In the age of Web3, businesses have an opportunity to leverage AI to provide personalized customer experiences by analyzing customer data in real-time, something very expected by Gen Alpha. From finding ways to quickly correct problem areas with products and services to pivoting wider marketing campaigns across digital ecosystems, AI is making it all possible.

8 Ways Web3 and AI are Working Together for Business:

  • The production of new cryptos will create a highly competitive environment for token projects, affecting the market in a number of ways
  • Unlocking creativity for creators and brands
  • Fortune 1000 companies and brands can use blockchain and AI together to analyze customer data for identification new markets for expansion, and general better business decision making
  • AI can analyze consumer behavior and preferences to identify types of digital assets in high demand; it will become easier to create customized digital assets such as avatars, gaming and immersive environments, and NFTs, automatically
  • Web3 can help facilitate transactions between AI machines, for example, making transactions between your EV car and its charging station, and the ensuing payment, automatic.
  • AI can predict everything from credit scores to price fluctuations, helping to mitigate risk, and providing stability while improving the overall user experience
  • Using blockchain technology with AI, businesses can solve supply chain challenges faster as smart contracts can execute intricate tasks automatically
  • Better monitoring for security threats

Together, AI and Web3 can be used to create autonomous systems to analyze data, make decisions, and execute trade on its own. The possibilities seem infinite, and the combination of AI and Web3 holds immense promise for broad industry applications.


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